Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are You Pear Enough?????

First of all

A pear shaped figure commonly:

• Is heavy at the bottom territory (larger hips and it even bigger on the upper thighs, you know the story). Basically a pear shape has this wings on their thighs, just as simple as that.

• Has slender shoulder and a moderately small waist

• Carries most of unwanted weight on her lower belly flows through hips and thighs also

• Loves to eat bread, chocolate, and cheese or creams (this is not scientifically proven yet);P

If you can say “yes” to statements above then I shall announce you as a True Pear.

These are some examples of pear shaped measurements (in centimeters)

Curious about your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Clickhere to know your BMI and let's get healthy with our pear shaped.

So for ladies that has a pear shaped......say aye.....!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those must be centimeters, not inches!

Y-O-E-L said...

yes it is in cm...;P sorry. I'll fix it