Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beyonce Knowles The Fabulous Pear

Born in 1981, Beyonce Knowles, a singer, a songwriter, an actress, a pear shaped. Beyonce has a beautiful pear shaped body. She is shining where ever she goes. Why because she is proud of her self and we are too. She looks fabulous in almost everything she does. Confident is the main theme of this girl. Not only her voice and her look, her beauty shines through her beautiful pear shaped.

Here's some proves that you could look fabulous in pear.
Beyonce fabulous style

I Love Beyonce Knowles

You Go Girl!!!,,


Anonymous said...

but do these people have small breasts? im only 15 and trying to figure out my body and im getting depressed by it because its just the ass thats big but nothing else.. ive been trying to research on which body guys prefer more the pear,hour glass,apple ect..but it never seems to give me an answer.. did these Famous stars have implants?? or does a pear shape have boobs??

please help*

Y-O-E-L said...

Hello anonymous...

Your case is equal to mine. I have small breast and voluminous hip and thighs too. And we r definitely a pear shaped. But you only 15, so you (and your breast) still have a lot of time to grow.

If you really wanna know what guys prefer regarding to woman's body, just take a look in a man magazine.But it's just a standard that made by the media. A real good man doesn't make your figure as the first conditional to step into a relationship.

So the best thing you can do is to accept yourself,be confident, have faith in everything you do,eat healthy food.You have curve, so adds an exercise to your routine for a tone curve. Check out our photos of pear shaped celebrity.

And yes my dear, some celebrities do have implants. It's a choice in live. And for some who's not having implants, they just put a big pad or using miracle bra, or push up bra or else.

Have a good day......xoxo

Whisper said...

Well im a pear shape and i have small breasts and there are guys who are attracted to me too

i once too looked that up and i found that guys prefer curvy women rather than stick skinny women though ofcourse not all men will agree but one study said that