Friday, June 12, 2009

Skinny Jeans for Pear Shaped Body

Some said that skinny pants is a big no no for pear shaped body because it makes your upper thighs looks bubbly (something like balloon shape, not interesting). But it actually depends on the pants itself and not your body. People with pear shaped that wears this kind of pants and looks horrible usually
wears the pants that smaller than their actual size. That's the first thing, the second is about length. Make sure the length is right, if it too long then you have to shorten it. But it's not validate if you have it too short because it still can looks good.

One thing that could emphasized your legs for those who wants to use it but doesn't have enough confidence is .... use your heels!!!! It really going to make a statement about yourself. With heels and skinny jeans, you will boost your energy. Step outside and be bold with those heels, honey! You'll looks yummy.

Ps: Don't worry about the trends (for those who really concern about it) because the skinny will still a favorite for you to try for a whole 2009 maybe more.

So Girls, What do you think of that?


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