Saturday, September 19, 2009

Black Must Have Item of All Seasons

Black is always in especially for those who wants a slimmer figure. It hides it all, I know. But first, don't stuff your closet with all things black, alright! Too many black is boring...........hello.....

One thing that I think every women in every shape (but especially our beautiful pear shaped have) is a really simple black thing. And this is a must must must have.....ladies. Fill your closet with one of this item if you don't have any.

A black pants or a black jeans are a essential. It hides that bulges, it's a classic and never run out of time. Personally, I like the casual classic style of a black jeans. It could fit to any tops and any accessories. Use it day or night, nobody even notice (mostly ;P) if you use it

I love it when it comes with a slim and straight cut. It really emphasize my shape without over exposed to it.

So Ladies!!!! Have One!!!! Now!!!!!!!!Put it on your #1 List above those snacks supplies!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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