Friday, October 16, 2009

Have You Ever Been In A Very F*** Up Day???


Yes this is suppose to be a blog of my interest. Source to gain some positivity by writing some positive sides of being a pear shaped. About how we can appreciate our body as it is. But this has a diary sides and instead of screaming it out loud, I think writing it would be as good as the first choice.

So in my journey of gaining for some wisdom and increasing my self-love or anything like that, here comes this day.


I really messed up my new position in the first day of my job. First of all, I don't know why did I'm the one they (the bosses) chose because I thing there's others who has more experiences. It really makes me feel... I don't know awkward maybe. But still, I accepted this position. So it's double awkward for me. Kinda ironic ( I felt that it a little unfair with the older employees but I accept the position instead). I feel like an hypocrite, yeah maybe I am.

And then....
I made a lot of and there...this and that....

It seemed that I saw this bubble words on the top of other employees :

"You see how she has no competencies at all"

Now I just realize that my basic self esteem is not as strong as I thought. It's really sad and also a little bit funny actually what I really learn about myself in this very f*** up day of mine. ;P

*sigh***** and now I hate my thighs ....

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