Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yeah I know......

This is not a hot news, but you gotta love this......I played a little mix and match with polyvore.com (it's fun to do especially when I need something to distract me from some weird thoughts, I have the Y chromosome after all) and this is the result. I think it's perfect especially for pear shaped like me. I like the way it made it stand out. The outfit itself is very casual, but those shoes will give a different overall looks. The same color of leggings and shoes will definitely make a pair of longer legs. Can't wait to try this. What do you think?

peep toe boots

peep toe boots by yoel featuring Juicy Couture shoes

This is a hot item for summer 2010 but since it summer for almost half of the year in my place, I'm not attached to those 4 season statements (Lucky me!!!! ;-) )


jessbuurman said...

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jessbuurman said...

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