Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hot Pink For Fall Investment

If you are following this fall's trends then you'll see all neon color especially in pink. Yes hot pink is on.

This is the hot color all the way through next summer. You can buy an investment of pink dress for a little "pick me up" idea. If you want to mix it, black tights and a little bit of leathers like jacket or vest wouldn't hurt anyone.

Speaking a bout hot pink. It's so hot so you need your confident boosted first. Wear it in attitude.

And one thing you should know, there's a lot varieties of hot pink too. So pick one that match to your skin tone. But just like I always said if you want to wear it just wear it those critics will always here and there. Just be confident!

Anyway when I was walking around window shopping on the net, I found this adorable dress. I wonder if I will wear it if I have one since it's not my style. But it's so delicious and sweet so I'm going to put the dress here. I took the picture from netaporter.com

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