Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter (Big Breast Doesn't Guarantee Anything)

This article (and pictures) dedicated to all of the women out there who are frustrating about their own body. They want a bigger bust etc....

This ladies proof themselves and shines without (at least) artificial breast but their career in entertainment world don't seem to fade away. They are our inspirations and (if we may say) an example to female society.

I took all of the picture from and Visit those sites for the newest information about celebrities.


Fera said...

that's right...!!!

Kelly said...

I just found your blog when I googled "pear shaped body". I love it so much because magazines only show how good the fashion items look on models and ignore people with non-model shapes... basically they just tell you to slim up...
I am also in pear shape and short like many Asian girls, I am just learning how to wear something suitable.
Keep it up! I think your blog will go big one day!

Y-O-E-L said...

@ Fer: ;P

@ Kelly : U didn't know how much your comment mean to me. I almost cry reading it. Thx Kelly 4ur support.