Thursday, July 2, 2009

Maximize Your Style with Maxidress

Maxi dress is on the air, Ladies!!!!

It hides big hips and also thighs ......

Put your eyes on this hot item, having one or two of this dress won't cause disadvantageous for your fashion future. Now be careful for all lady out there who has weight or height problems because you have to use it right to look right. You don't want to look swamped in this kind of dress. So here's some tips to avoid it.

Maxi for Mini and Maxi

For us ladies,
if your height is less than 5'4'' then you have to avoid dresses that look like a super bright and loose or overly voluminous skirt. We'll look drowned in it. To make a mend, we could use chunky heels or wedges and a fit waistcoat. Next, we could choose a sleeker A-line skirt rather than a flowing skirt, we don't need extra volume down there,trust me. Match it with chunky jewelery and oversize bags. We'll show you some examples at the end of the article.

Now for lar
ger woman, this style could emphasized your look creates more femininity to your life. For big bust woman, try halter style as they are more flattering to the bust.

This flowing goddess like skirt is beautiful and also could drowned us out, unless we want to use some extra heels. If you still want to wear this, don't use it with flats. Please.....for your own good. But again, if you feel comfortable with it then just do it.

Some mix n
match for natural looking suggestions:

This dress

with chunky jewelery like those bracelet.

and also he

last but not oversize bags


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