Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost 3 Months of Pear Dose

This August PrettyInPear is going to have a third month anniversary...(yipeee).

I know that this blog is still a newbie with a little amount of article. But I don't believe that people will really noticed and post great comments. I'm really glad about it, thx all for all your supports.

At first I want to made a blog and make some or maybe a lot of money from it ;P (who knows anyway). And then I made this blog for myself to gather other people who has the same problem with their body (or they think they have problem with their body). I think I just want to console myself up by writing or posting something that has something to do with... I don't know........maybe... some positive sides of being a pear shaped....???

Yeah....I actually made this blog to bring the positive up. At least that was what I thought that maybe this is one of many ways that I chose. Something inside of me need to speak it up no matter how lame or shallow it is (about my body).

So with my limited English, I embolden myself to write or post something regarding my issues and how to fix it inside and out. Hope I could post something useful for myself or others more in the future.

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