Saturday, August 29, 2009

Surprisingly Pear Rihanna

She is slim and sexy with a magnificent toned body. This young lady has rocked the stage since her first album. Her work always on the spotlight, and she also a pear (don't say what....) and guess what, she never complain about her body as long as I know. She's one of the hottest female star ever.

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All this time all we think about pear shape is fat and fat (mostly down there if you know what I mean), nothing less nothing more. We have to have ourselves a brainwash....ladies!!!

It's not the fat but the frame.....

Still a doubt about the pear???

How bout this....???

3 words for her: HOT, HOT, HOT



Maria said...

that's exactly what i needed to see to make my day a better day :D
thank you so much, keep going with the great job!

Y-O-E-L said...

Thx Maria

Hope it's brighten your day...