Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pear Shaped Advertising

This advertising was came into my inbox from a friend (thx for the info, my friend). I'm so glad that he remembered my blog when he saw this advertisement.

He wrote this to me, "i was on the bus today and saw a bus stop advert for Magnet kitchens and i thought of your blog! they feature a very PEAR shaped woman to represent their "curve" collection. it so UNUSUAL to see a woman with hips such as hers selling any type of products. i think what they've done is GREAT"

Guess what, Martin! I think it really great to have diversity in advertising. These days I saw many changes in many company of this field. They are more aware of the environment they've live in. They sees beauty as it is not as how they want it to see. So I think it's a progress not only in advertising but in the perspective of today society.

Maybe it looks very simple or meaningless but when it comes to the way of thinking, then we are talking about habitual act then turns into culture. And it's a positive news, that our way of thinking is broaden than before.

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Anonymous said...

I find the entire hollywood and self-image scene completely confusing. Pear women who are thin and look thin are not that incredibly easy to find, but they exist. I think pear is and should be the most attractive shape, both in skinny and larger size. Yet it seems to be that we are expected to have small hips and large boobs, and even though I can't personally disagree on the side of men since I am a woman, I find this shape to be unattractive.
I think the ad is inspiring and I think the girl looks amazing. I wish it would be more popular to feature such an amazing figure on magazines. Even in lower-scale clothing stores, jeans and tops are fitted for apples and if we are lucky, the hourglass. The pears seem to be an outclassed society, and not only that, but overly-fat apple shapes are considered skinny while average pears are considered overweight. This is the assumption of today's younger generation, and I would know since I am the younger generation. I hope that our culture will realize pears as the true beautiful shape. Pears ftw!