Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Yoyo Weight of Mischa Barton

She is beautiful and fabulous. A shining star at a quite young age. An icon and a gossip source in Hollywood for all the tabloid there and almost everywhere on the planet earth (maybe more ;P). She was born in 1986 and made her first well known role at The O.C. We all know what the risk of being such a famous personality is equal from the glittery shining moments they get.

From all the hot juicy gossip made by the media, her weight is one of the most controversial thing in her life. She was called fat because has a healthy body (which from my point of view, she still a slim girl when they called her fat). Then she turns into this skinny girl that also worried (almost) all the people that knows her well or not (mostly not ;P)

But one thing that many of us didn't realize was she has a beautiful pear shape body at least that's what I saw ( from my own perspective of course). Yes she looks skinny and always slim most of the time. But the frame cant lie (we can tell by the time she gain weight that it goes to the bottom part of her body first), she is so pear and beautiful.

Sometime we all have some insecurities in ourselves. But we are strong, that's why we're born as a women. You Go Girl!!!!

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