Monday, December 21, 2009

A Place For Breast

How many of us feel uncomfortable about our own body specially about our breast??

The look, the shape, the color, everything you named it. We (mostly) have a problem about it from A to Z. That's why a plastic surgery no matter how much it cost or how big the risk of failure will be, always become a savior for most of us (I said most of us because in reality almost all women have this insecurity, others just have their what we called perfect shape or simply wisdom in their live).

Well as usual I search on the net for whatever that may come. And I found this place. This is what they said, "We believe women were not created as sexual objects to be looked upon as some kind of "toys", and breasts were not created for that purpose either. Female breasts have a purpose, and that purpose is the reason they exist. They were given to us as the means of BREAST feeding our babies! This website is for the purpose of studying and promoting that very subject." They also said, "Our goal is to get people to use their intelligence, so as not to fall prey to the typical "007 - James Bond" type of thinking, which is so prevalent in many countries of our world today."

A very interesting subject. About a good way.

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