Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Is A Pear Shape

An Anonymous ask me that question one day for my definition of a pear shaped body. Maybe the reason is because he/she saw a not too pear (by mostly pear definition) celebrity that I put in celebrity page. So I start to review about my point of view of a true pear shape.

For a theoretical view, I seek a picture that really describe a true pear and as we know we can find anything on the internet. So I copied this picture I've taken from The difference between an apple and a pear ;P

So this is an extreme picture that showed us the difference.

Well I said it's not always like that. I saw heterogeneity in human body. I saw a pear frame with big bust or a pear frame with a completely flat breast or a pear frame with a slimmer thighs than most of the pear (yes they have the frame but not the chunks and I still called them as a pear) or a real pear people like the picture above. A bigger change below the waist when we gained our weight is also a definition. So for me it's not always have to be the same, because we are have our difference.

When people sees my blog title "Pear Shaped Body", maybe they expected to see only a pear shape body. But I will not do that, I will as I can put as many article regarding to our body problem (or at least what we call a problem because they said that it is a problem ;P ). Maybe articles about celebrities too that have a "problem" like us so maybe it could motivates us more in living our daily life.. >.< and feel better. Even if we have a pear shape or just a chunky part we'll be ablr to stand out and face the mirror and feel delicious. LOL. Well that's what I hope right now and in the future.


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